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One ring to rule them all

That blasted ring I mentioned the other day? Got it off my finger tonight! It was on for about three and a half days which is much longer than I like to wear anything. I was getting a little worried but I decided to leave it alone for awhile to give my poor finger a break. (It was starting to hurt from all of my pulling and what not.) Anyway, tonight it felt a bit looser so I slathered up my finger in canola oil and that did the trick! Huzzah! Of course, now that I know I can get it off if necessary I kind of want to wear it again. But not for awhile. I'm going to try to find a nice chain for it and wear it as a necklace to remind me of the folly of purchasing things that don't fit.

Alright, back to my Castle marathon. I heart Nathan Fillion.
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I put a ring on this morning and I'm starting to think it's never going to come off. I bought it a couple of weeks ago and it was always kind of hard to get on and off but I've managed. But for some reason today it was harder to get on and it feels tighter than normal. I've been trying to take it off since this morning and still no luck. I am really getting nervous. I don't know if I may just have some water-weight gain (you always hear about this but I don't actually know if I've ever had it myself), or what. I don't feel like the rest of my body seems fatter than normal but the finger the ring is on definitely looks kind of swollen. Maybe it's from me trying to take the dang ring off though. I'm hoping that when I wake up tomorrow my finger will have magically slimmed down. I really don't know what I'm going to do if I can't get it off in a couple of days. Will it be stuck on me forever?! I'm scared!
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Lookee who's back after a LOOONG hiatus! I don't know for sure if I'm back to the blogging or not but I think I'll give it a try again. I was just rereading some of my old posts, and I have to admit - I crack myself up! It's kind of of nice to be able to see what I was doing and thinking about and all that. I had forgotten about a lot of stuff. One thing I thought was especially noteworthy was that I wrote about some goals for 2009 and two out of the three of them still apply. They are: cook at home more and understand more about my finances. I can honestly say I've improved in both of those areas but I still want to do better. The third goal was to think about my career and I have made some moves in that general area so there's that at least.

Anyway, I don't know who of my friends is still even on here (other than Lee - he's dedicated for sure) so maybe this will mostly be for reminding myself about my life but I guess that's good enough for now.

Talk to you soon!
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(no subject)

can we just do away with the phrases "baby mama" and "baby daddy"? when msn is talking about it you know it's getting old.

anyway. i'm already at home for the day because my group had a "fun event" wherein we went to watch the blue angels practice. since i was already at lake washington when it ended i figured it made no sense to go back to work for about an hour and a half and then come back home, so i just went straight home instead. it still took awhile with traffic, but at least now i'm here. and i think i'm gonna watch a little melrose place while i'm at it. try and stop me!
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they're not called "don't-nuts"!

this post actually will have nothing to do with donuts. so don't be disappointed, please.

anyway, what's new with me, you may be wondering. a few weeks ago, i participated in the san juan island marathon (you'll notice i didn't say "competed"). it was a lot of fun! needless to say, i did the HALF marathon. and i walked a lot of it. last year i did it too, and i walked the entire time. this time i ran some and managed to shave off a lot of time from last year! i finished in 2 hours, 56 minutes. afterwards i could hardly walk though. and later in the day i started to feel really nauseous which was a bad feeling to say the least. no one else seemed to have that problem either. figures.

here's a picture from the event: that is a friend, allison, my cousin joanie, and me. i kind of look like i have a mullet, but rest assured, i do not. we had a group of about 12 of us and we had those stylin' matching shirts. they made it easy to find everyone though. we all went up to friday harbor the day before and had fun around town, and ate dinner at a REALLY good restaurant called The Backdoor Kitchen. sounds cheesy, but the food was de-lish! a lot of local ingredients and interesting flavor combinations.

some of us are thinking about doing the skagit valley marathon in september, and i think i'm going to sign up for it. i've heard it's really flat (the san juan island one is pretty hilly) and that is appealing for sure. i'm also going to do a better job training for it, like actually doing some running ahead of time. i think that was my problem - i did some long walks but no jogging. i'd really like to be able to run a lot of it but i don't know if i'll be able to run the whole thing. the main incentive for doing so is getting done earlier though.

well, i'll try to post some other news soon.
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bad tv alert!

hey, everyone! have you heard of the NEW Beverly Hills, 90210? i had heard some rumors about it a few months ago but i kind of forgot about it until today, when i found the rather horrible looking trailer for it. (you can see it for yourself here: i noticed they've done a "cool" version of the song, complete with the "air punches" in the beginning. it looks like it's going to be awful. it's obviously going to try to compete with Gossip Girl, and to that i say who cares. the original 90210 is what it's all about! was there anything like it when it came out? i don't remember for sure, but i don't think so. by now we've had all the teen dramas the WB has been shoving down our throat, plus the OC and let's not forget the awesome 90210 spinoff, Melrose Place (which i've already posted about so i won't get into that too much).

in the new BH 90210 (which i think is going to be referred to only as "90210"), lori laughlin plays the mom, and she assures us that she's almost as cool as the kids! oh yikes. does this mean we're going to have a Very Special Episode where she gets high on Mommy's Little Helpers and we all learn that Drugs Are Bad? and jessica walters is in it! talk about a letdown after Arrested Development. i might actually watch it just to see her. i'm sure all the "kids" will be annoying to the nth degree however. i mean, they are in the original too, but that's what makes it great. it wouldn't be nearly as interesting without drunk dylan, shrill brenda and toolish brandon. and let's not forget steve's mullet!

want more evidence that the show is going to suck eggs? i leave you with the tagline:

you wanna live in the zip
you gotta live by the code

man, it's so true.
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(no subject)

who's going to watch the finale of Girlicious tonight?! Carrie and I have been watching it somewhat religiously and i must admit, i'm fascintated. it's a wonderful trainwreck. i still can't tell those girls apart but i must know which faceless hotpants-wearing warbler is going to be robin antin's moneymaker (which is debatable, really). they have the best "you're leaving" line ever: "you won't be in girlicious. please hang up your boa." the poor gals that got cut are going to cry every time they see a hot pink feather boa now.

ANYWAY. today is my friday since tomorrow i'm going on vacation! my sister and a couple of family friends/cousins are going on a mini cruise up the pacific coast. it should be a lot of fun. there are no stops (or "ports of call" in the vernacular), but it's so short it shouldn't matter. we'll just have lots of time to relax. i hope the weather's nice at least for some of it. we're leaving from los angeles, so hopefully. i didn't buy a new swimsuit at target for nothing!
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toot toot!

yep, i'm tooting my own horn here, but i think i have a pretty good reason! i was a runner-up in a purse designing contest! check it out here: (obviously i'm velouria73.) amy butler is one of my top 2 FAVORITE fabric designers ever, so when i found out she was judging a contest to make a bag "inspired" by her fabrics, well i couldn't leave it alone. unfortunately, i found out about said contest exactly one week before the deadline, so i had to come up with a plan and execute the bag in a pretty short time. it was crazy, i tells ya! i'm not a pro bag maker either, i've only made a few. you can't tell but there are some pins there. i didn't have it quite done, but i was up until about 1:30 the night before you had to post your pics and i barely got it up there in time. i need to do a few nice finishing touches and then i'll actually be able to use it.

anyway, i can't believe it! i really haven't won much, so it's really surprising. it totally made my day when i found out!

so there. horn tooting finished, back to our regularly scheduled self-doubt.
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we have to talk.

so last night i watched the Melrose Place season 2 finale and let me tell you - they do not make them like that anymore. it was an hour and a half with no commercials. i kept waiting for it to be over, but i knew it couldn't end until alison climbed out the upstairs window, leaving poor sap billy at the alter. but you can't really blame her because she just realized that her dad molested her as a kid, so what do you expect?! lay off!

ANYWAY. that show is so ridiculous, i love it. now i have to get season 3 on my netflix queue ASAP! i know i used to watch the show when it came out but i really have no recollection of actually doing so. like, i can remember actually watching beverly hills 90210 while doing my biology homework on the couch, but MP is sort of a hazy memory. it's been nice catching up. i can't believe how many episodes are in a season. there were 8 dvd's! i think it was 31 episodes total including that grand-slam 2 hour finale. also: kimberly is totally insane.

if you don't know the joy that is Melrose Place, i highly recommend checking it out. season 1 starts out a little bit slow, but once they kick of some of the more boring characters (not all of course, billy still remains) and bring in uber-bitch amanda to torment alison it gets A LOT better. plus, the mid-90's fashions are hilarious.
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start spreading the news...

hello folks! it's been awhile since i've posted, but you know how it is. last week i went to NYC to visit my bestest friend ever, michele. we had a blast! here's the rundown:

i took the redeye on tuesday night, putting me at JFK around 8:00 wednesday morning. somehow i managed to pack light, so no checked bags for me! my cab ride took awhile thanks to rush hour traffic, and i was pretty exhausted what with about 2 hours of sleep, so i have officially rethought the whole redeye flight there. i used to think it worked out pretty well, but now it just seems like a pain. ANYWAY, the cab driver found michele's apartment in red hook (brooklyn) pretty easily. it's a super nice place! i love it. she actually has her own room now and a living room and kitchen. michele had to go to work but she did direct me to an excellent bakery before she left. i kind of napped and lollygagged awhile, and then finally headed into town. the only minor downside to michele's living area is that there's a bus ride before you get to the subway, and since her stop is at the end of the line, it pretty much comes whenever. so there's some standing around. but eventually i made it to downtown and decided to hit the union square shopping where i managed to find some discount free people tops. yay!

next i met michele at her place of employment and we headed to the upper west side for a play. and not just any play, my friends, but a play that michele co-wrote and starred in! her group of funny friends, the wunderkind consortium, wrote a musical based on the movie "beaches" (which i have never seen, but i think i get the gist). it was hilarious! and very good songs. they did a really good job and then we all hung out a diner afterwards. her friends seem really nice, so i'm glad she's got good people over there.

on thursday, michele had to work again, but it was a beautiful day so by the time i dragged myself into town, i figured i'd make the best of it. i took a ride on the staten island ferry, which i highly recommend doing because a) who doesn't like a ferry ride, and b) who doesn't like a FREE ferry ride? it goes pretty close to the statue of liberty so you get to see that, and you also see the manhattan skyline which is pretty awesome. then i did a little more shopping and got some super cute shoes and cheap designer jeans! i'm telling you, they have more good cheap stores there. then it was time to meet michele and head out to our exciting evening plans - XANADU! it. was. AWESOME! i don't know what to tell you except that there is rollerskating and a LOT of disco balls. the music is great (ELO!), and the cast was excellent. the whole thing was top notch. in fact, i am wearing my official xanadu on broadway t-shirt right now! i really hope it comes to seattle eventually.

friday was pretty much more of the same, although i did get myself going earlier, so i had more time to shop. yes! i went to H&M, but it was a bit disappointing and i'm not too worried, since they are FINALLY going to open them here. i discovered a new gem, this place called uniqlo, that has really good basic stuff for reasonable prices. i was kind of going crazy. i also got a little bit lost trying to find a subway to go uptown, but i whipped out my new iphone and just mapped it, and there you go! thanks, iphone! you're the best! after i met michele at work, we went to a nice movie theater and saw U2:3D, an imax movie. again, super freakin' cool. i think it's already gone from the seattle science center theater, but if you do get a chance and you like U2, go! the screen is giNORmous, you get to wear bitchin' 3D glasses, and it's super loud. it's really like you are at a concert! crazy. we were kind of in the neighborhood of the dakota, the apartment that john lennon lived in, so we walked by that and then went to strawberry fields in central park. even though it was pretty early, we were really beat, so we headed back to red hook and had dinner at a diner called hope and anchor which has really good food and free drinks, since michele is a loyal patron.

this is really long - sorry. but we're almost done! saturday - beatles brunch! what might that be, you ask? well, it's really pretty self-explanatory. you eat brunch. a beatles cover band plays. it's really fun! the band, strawberry fields, was really good. they played a lot of favorites and everyone was really into it, especially these older folks next to us. it was a nice sing-a-long time. the food wasn't too bad, although i was hoping the fried chicken would've been a little better (yes, they had chicken at brunch). afterwards, we headed to MOOD! mood is the fabric store they go to on project runway all the time. it's pretty cool. they have a TON of cool fabric, but it's all rolled in bolts and stacked so it's hard to find things sometimes. i bought some fabric for a skirt and some plastic purse handles. jealous much?

our only other plans for the evening was a comedy show with kristen schaal and arj barker, and that wasn't until late, so we napped a little and then went to the show. both of the comedians are on the hbo show "flight of the conchords", which is quite good, although i've only actually seen one episode. i know it's good though, so just watch it. i had seen kristen schaal another time when i was in NYC, and she is so dang funny. i love her. plus, we got free tickets! cha-ching! of course, the diabolical club got theirs by charging $5 for DIET COKE. yeesh.

sunday was my last day in town so we decided to just chill in the 'hood for the day. we had a delicious breakfast at hope and anchor (it's just down the street!) and then we walked a few blocks to a park that is right along the water. michele agrees that the bus is kind of a pain but she thinks it's worth it to have the water so close. we walked down the pier (luckily it was not a long walk and a short pier) and we could see the statue of liberty, the southern tip of manhattan and new jersey. it was SUPER windy, so we didn't stay too long. we pretty much just relaxed for the rest of the day while i packed up my discount goods and watched "dexter". (that, along with "how i met your mother", was the show of the trip. every time i go visit michele, she gets me hooked on some new show. she's a show pusher. she really should get a cut from the networks.) a car came and picked me up at 4:00, and off i went. it was sad to leave michele, but actually she's in seattle this weekend, so it didn't seem so bad this time.

so, fun times! i'll have some links to pictures and stuff at some point.
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